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Beginner's Guide

Updated 10/26/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Miles and Points - Where To Start and Beginner’s Guides

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Beginner's Guide

Ari Charlestein, a former dental-products salesman, quit his full-time job to focus on booking airline award tickets for other people.  Ari would say that his small business, First Class and Beyond, offers comprehensive services such as creating "milage strategies" and regular follow-up consultations.  Ari feels that he has been able to add significant value helping his clients accumulate points and miles faster as well as redeem those miles and points more effectively.

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Ari caught the award-travel bug as a student at Temple University.  Ari noticed a rabbi, wife, and kids had traveled to Australia in business class.  Perplexed by the outward appearance, Ari finally was compelled to ask the rabbi, “how?”  The rabbi explained to Ari that he afforded the trip by applying for new credit cards.  Flabbergasted, Ari responded "Jesus, that is incredible."  At the time Ari was a junior in college.  He quickly dedicated himself to learning the tips and tricks of traveling for free.  The more Ari learned about travel related loyalty programs, the more convinced he became "the reality is, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals with significant incomes who run a business, spend lots of money and at the end of the day earn millions and millions of points.  These people don't know what to do with them." - adapted from Credit Cards

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