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Updated 2/11/17

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Choose Health and Healthy Choices

  1. Mr Money Mustache: Health = Wealth
  2. Zen Habits: 7 Essential Rules To Optimum Health
  3. Nerd Fitness: Why You Need To Be Selfish About Putting Fitness First

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The World Offers Opportunity… Choose Health

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

“I happen to be one of those people that was born without health.  As a child I didn’t have health.  My earliest memories are - other than working in the garden - were laying there wheezing on the couch not able to get up and even walk.  It became very real to me how important health is and over the years, as we changed our lifestyle, and I give my parents credit for most of that... they changed the way were ate and not too long into it they changed the way we farmed.” – David Stelzer

Question: What aspect of your health have been thinking about recently?
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In the early 1970’s David Stelzer’s family made radical changes in the operation of their 2,000-acre dry-land wheat and cattle ranch near Dufur, Oregon.  The Stelzer family farm like most farms in America were caught in a cycle reliant on the use of chemical fertilizers.  So when the family made the decision to place David and his Grandfather’s health ahead of crop production, they took their farm out of the chemical cycle “cold turkey.”  The first year, the chemical-depend land produced only a fraction of its former production.  But each subsequent year, David’s health improved and so did the production of the farm. - adapted from Azure Standard

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We know a great deal more about the causes of physical disease than we do about the causes of physical health.
M. Scott Peck

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