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Updated 2/25/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources: Quests and Journeys

  1. Fr. Greg Boyle: Only One Path, The Good Journey - Video
  2. Matthew Winkler: The Hero's Journey - Video
  3. Chris Guillebeau: 25 Journey, 1000 Miles Each

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The World Has Experiences… Choose Quests

Photo Credit: Brian Micklethwait & License

Photo Credit: Brian Micklethwait & License

“Much of the time, the quest was something physical: a mountain to climb, the open sea to traverse, the visa processing office to persuade.  But what these strivers were searching for usually went beyond the stated task.  Matt Krause, the financial analyst who set out to walk the entire length of rural Turkey, reflected on the life he’d known back in America.  It wasn’t just that he was now in another country, he said later.  It felt as though he’d opened a path to another life.  Out there on his own, walking mile after mile along the dusty village roads, meeting strangers who became friends, he felt a heightened sense of being alive.” – Chris Guillebeau, The Happiness Of Pursuit

In The Happiness of Pursuit, some arching themes are laid out in an attempt to distinguish a personal quest from the process of self improvement. The themes are:

Journey far,

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There is a lot of distraction for people, so you might not ever find the real you.
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