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Emotional Development

Updated 2/25/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Emotional Development and Emotional Health

  1. Ted Talks: Emotional First Aid - Video
  2. Sentis: Emotions and the Brain - Video
  3. The Simple Dollar: Money As Emotional Currency

+ Discover What The Geeks Know That You May Not

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Emotional Development

Photo Credit: How To Save The World & License

Photo Credit: How To Save The World & License

“[Warren] recently told his family that he was thinking of leaving law to pursue his passion for culinary arts.  They’d been supportive (“I think their exact words were ‘Do it!’”) and of course they wanted to know what that meant.  Open a restaurant?  Become a cook? His analytical legal brain was warning him: The restaurant market is oversaturated.  He flew to New York to visit his aunt.  It was early Saturday morning.  He was carrying a ‘funky-looking grandma cake,’ as he described it.  ‘Nothing special, not presentable, not finished.’  Without a cake box to store it in, he covered it with blue plastic wrap.  It looked quite ugly, frankly.  But as he walked through the airport and held it in his lap on the plane, everyone had a friendly comment.  The cake excited them.  They invoked the birthday of their lovers as reasons for him to give them the cake.  He arrived at Kennedy and was sitting outside baggage claim waiting for his aunt to arrive, and he was overtaken with the clearheaded revelation: Cakes got people excited, even ugly grandma cakes.  Cakes made people think of each other, their lovers and family.  Cakes meant good times.  Cakes were part of the celebration of life.  People love to talk about cakes.  Cakes were the highest profit margin product in any bakery.  The most time-consuming step in cake-making was putting a smooth finish on frosting, but this cake proved that a cake could look homemade and still trigger the drool reflex.  He smelled opportunity.

That afternoon, sitting on a boat, he told his aunt, ‘It’s going to be cakes.  Just cakes.’

Your brain can think through every detail, but that’s like leading a horse to water.  Sometimes the obvious wells up, swelling with emotion, until it bursts forth as a revelation.” – Po Bronson, What Should I Do With My Life

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“Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience.” - Paul Cézanne

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