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Example Workouts

Updated 3/12/17

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Example Workouts

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Colette McInerney always considered herself on of the lucky ones since she got to climb outside all the time.  Her idea of training consisted of attempting her current climbing project an extra time or quickly completing easier climbing routes like swimming laps in a pool.  And she was always climbing outdoors.  Colette reflected on that time in her life, “indoor climbing was for the poor and unfortunate who hadn’t managed to make all thing in their life revolved around the one single pursuit of being able to get out.”

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Then, suddenly… slowly Colette's life priorities began to shift and start to revolve around other things like film work and traveling.  She was spending less and less time climbing outside and she noted “the shift didn’t feel poor or unfortunate at all.”  When her social and family obligations finally hit an all-time high, it wasn't until Colette’s boyfriend finally sat her down and pointed out, “Think about it. You’re the number one person to benefit from training simply because you’ve never done it. You have nowhere to go but up.”  As luck would have it, in 2015 Colette got word of a group of Black Diamond climbing athletes who were planning to get together and all take part in a three-week intensive climbing program- Black Diamond Bootcamp. – adapted from Black Diamond

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