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Fitness Goals

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Health Goals and Fitness Ambitions

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Fitness Goals

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Joe traveled a lot for work, ate fast food, and weighed 310 pounds.  “The real moment I decided to make a change was when my clothes were starting to fit too tightly. I was already in a 3XL and size 54 pants, and even though that was pretty big, I really didn’t want to get bigger clothes. Clothes shopping was tough enough.”  On March 4th, 2011, Joe changed things for the better, or as he put it, “I’m the kind of guy who dives into things with both feet.” 

For six months, Joe traveled for work, ate as healthily as he could and worked out in hotel rooms.  By the seventh month, his pant size was down to 38.  Hesitant to weigh himself for the first time, Joe summoned the courage and said “sure what the heck.”  The scale read 210 pound.  Joe had lost 100 pound in seven months or, as his friend put it, “you lost two of my little girls!” But Joe had a secret motivator.  Each time he had to buy new clothes, he bought one outfit that fit a size too small.  When he fit into it, he knew he had made progress.

What fitness goals are your working on?
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By the ninth month, Joe was 195 pound with a size 36 waist.  He was still working out four to five times each week but was beginning to slowly raise his calorie intake as the skin on his shrunken stomach was tightening up.  In month ten, Joe weighed 182 pound and snuggly fit into size 34 pants.  It was then Joe shared two concrete goals.  By March 4, 2012, he wanted to fit into size 32 pants and begin running when the nice weather returned. - Adapted from Nerd Fitness

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― Joe

A person who has his health has a hundred goals. A person who does not have his health has but one goal.
Ancient Proverb

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