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Hard Work

Updated 2/25/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Hard Work and Labor

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  2. The Simple Dollar: Changing Value Of Hard Work
  3. Mr Money Mustache: Advantage Of Having To Work

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Hard Work

Photo Credit: Pinterest & License

Photo Credit: Pinterest & License

“‘The thing about wet-rice farming is, not only do you need phenomenal amounts of labor, but it's very exacting,’ says the historian Kenneth Pomerantz. ‘You have to care. It really matters that the field is perfectly leveled before you flood it. Getting it close to level but not quite right makes a big difference in terms of your yield. It really matters that the water is in the fields for just the right amount of time. There's a big difference between lining up the seedlings at exactly the right distance and doing it sloppily.

It's not like you put the corn in the ground in mid-March and as long as rain comes by the end of the month, you're okay. You're controlling all the inputs in a very direct way. And when you have something that requires that much care, the overlord has to have a system that gives the actual laborer some set of incentives, where if the harvest comes out well, the farmer gets a bigger share. That's why you get fixed rents, where the landlord says, I get twenty bushels, regardless of the harvest, and if it's really good, you get the extra. It's a crop that doesn't do very well with something like slavery or wage labor. It would just be too easy to leave the gate that controls the irrigation water open a few seconds too long and there goes your field." - Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers

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