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Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Luck and Karma

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  2. White Coat Investor: 9 Ways I Got Lucky
  3. The Simple Dollar: Distinguishing Between Luck and Hard Work

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Photo Credit: Behavior Gap & License

Photo Credit: Behavior Gap & License

"Arkad turned to the cloth weaver.  ‘Thou didst suggest that we debate good luck. Let us hear what thou now thinkest upon the subject.’

‘I do see good luck in a different light.  I had thought of it as something most desirable that might happen to a man without effort upon his part.  Now, I do realize such happenings are not the sort of thing one may attract to himself. From our discussion have I learned that to attract good luck to oneself, it is necessary to take advantage of opportunities. Therefore, in the future, I shall endeavor to make the best of such opportunities as do come to me.'

‘Thou hast well grasped the truths brought forth in our discussion,’ Arkad replied.

‘Good luck, we do find, often follows opportunity but seldom comes otherwise. Our merchant friend would have found great good luck had he accepted the opportunity the good goddess did present to him. Our friend the buyer, likewise, would have enjoyed good luck had he completed the purchase of the flock and sold at such a handsome profit.’

Question: How has luck played a role in your life?
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‘We did pursue this discussion to find a means by which good luck could be enticed to us. I feel that we have found the way. Both the tales did illustrate how good luck follows opportunity. Herein lies a truth that many similar tales of good luck, won or lost, could not change. The truth is this: Good luck can be enticed by accepting opportunity.’

‘Those eager to grasp opportunities for their betterment, do attract the interest of the good goddess. She is ever anxious to aid those who please her. Men of action please her best.’” - George Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

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I am a great believer in luck and I find that the harder I work the more I have of it.
Stephen Leacock

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