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Photo Credit: Tri-Etiquette & License

Photo Credit: Tri-Etiquette & License

Kim had just gotten back from her friend’s wedding at the end of September.  She had flown across the country to her Alma Matter for the wedding weekend.  It was the first time that she had flown since the last time she saw all of her college friends on graduation weekend.  The whole weekend was such a jam-packed bunch of fun and it had gone too fast.  Between catching up with all her best college friends, toasting to the bride and groom, and dancing the night away; Kim wished that weekends like that were more common in her life.

During her lunch break on Monday, Kim day dreamed about having the money to buy a plane ticket to see her friends every weekend.  Lost in her daydream, Kim absent mindedly opened up her personal email.  There was an email from United Airlines asking for her participation in a survey regarding her most recent flying experience.  Kim moved towards the delete button on her email inbox when her eye caught a 5 digit number on the screen next to her name-- 25,711.  Kim looked away from the screen and back again, blinking, to double check that she had seen it correctly.  A huge grin spread across her face.  Kim had always flown to and from college on United because tickets always were cheapest to travel home during school breaks.  She never thought that she would see the day when she had flown enough to earn a free round trip ticket.  She began a group text to all her college friends, it was time to start planning their next reunion weekend.

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Instead of collecting trading cards and other memorabilia some have grown up and now air miles is the adults’ collectable.
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