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Reminiscinable Shared Experiences

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Reminiscinable Shared Experiences

Image: Getaway

Image: Getaway

One dark night in 1971, a dugout canoe overturned while crossing the Zambezi River near the rural, village of Chinyingi in Zambia, Africa.  The overturned lead to the tragic drowning of five people who were using the canoe to ferry a sick person to the Chinyingi hospital.  

When the news reached Brother Crispin Valeri, a priest at a nearby mission, he vowed to end such accidents forever.  Brother Crispin set to work soliciting donations of cable and pipes from local copper mines.  In his limited free time, he poured over engineering textbooks.  In spite of a lack of expertise, Brother Crispin eventually employed local, unskilled workers to construct a bridge. Today, that 700 foot-long cable and pipe footbridge stretches across the Zambezi River.

Recently, I spent time with two longtime friends.  Our lives had each been full great change since the three of us had last all been together.  In fact, we found ourselves reminiscing that it was exactly six years ago when we had last been together.

The three of us were in Africa and had just been told the story of Brother Crispin.  Marveling at the ingenuity and lasting impact of Brother Crispin’s bridge, the three of us began the walk across the wobbly bridge.  I remember calling ahead to my friends from the middle of the bridge as it swayed back and forth suspended in midair.  Overjoyed, I exclaimed, “how’s this for an RSE!?”

Journey far,

― Joe

“To reminisce with my old friends, a chance to share some memories, and play our songs again.” - Ricky Nelson

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