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Rewards Expectations

Updated 2/25/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Rewards Expectations and Award Outlook

  1. Frugal Travel Guy: Earning Points Without A Plan
  2. Mile Value: Unrealistic Expectations
  3. Nomadic Matt: Rule For Rewards Programs Change Frequently

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Rewards Expectations

Photo Credit: Maria Killam & License

Photo Credit: Maria Killam & License

“Alice Watchke, a teacher from Minneapolis, dropped her American Express credit card, which allowed her to earn Delta Air Lines miles. She says that leaving was easy; the card made promises it couldn't keep.

‘When we enrolled, the ads all said, 'Round trip flights for 20,000 miles,'’ she recalls. So she began collecting miles; she amassed 45,000 and her husband earned 62,000. When the time came to cash them in, she was told that she'd either have to pay a $150 renewal fee plus 60,000 miles each for the desired tickets, or buy the miles for an additional $400. Instead, she canceled her card.

Question: Have you experienced a time when miles and points did not live up to your expectations?
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There's no telling how many disgruntled frequent fliers and guests such as Watchke are out there. Travel companies do not disclose loyalty program membership numbers, nor do they reveal the number of miles members have earned, but by some estimates, there are several trillion unredeemed miles floating around out there. If you do the math, it's obvious that travelers are on the losing end of that equation.” – Washington Post

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