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Updated 2/25/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Community and Isolation

  1. TED Talks: Innovation In Traditional Values - Video @ 11:45
  2. Chris Guillebeau: Human Trust & Generosity
  3. The Simple Dollar: 15 Inexpensive Things To Do With Friends

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The World Creeps Toward Isolation… Share It

Image: Ebaums World

Image: Ebaums World

“This class is social studies.  That is you and the world.

Yes! There is a world out there and even if you decide you don’t want to meet it, it’s still going to hit you right in the face.  Believe me.

So, best you start thinking about the world now and what it means to you.  What does the world mean to you? ... Let me ask you another question...  What does the world expect of you?

…One day you’ll be free.  What if on that day you are free you haven’t prepared, you’re not ready and you look around and you don’t like what the world is.  What if the world is just a big disappointment?  Unless!  Unless you take the things you don’t like about this world and you flip them upside down…

You can start that today.  This is your assignment: To Change the World—and Put It into Action.” – Kevin Spacey, Pay It Forward

Not everyone has a 7th grade social studies teacher reminding them about the world, but many people have found themselves looking around thinking maybe they “don’t like what the world is.” Maybe “the world is just a big disappointment.”  Social development is about moving beyond that realization.

Journey far,

― Joe


Life is not just about you and your own needs… it’s about your connectedness to others.
Christopher Reeves

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Recommendation: Watch Pay It Forward

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