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Simple Exercise

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Simple Exercise

Photo Credit: NY Times & License

Photo Credit: NY Times & License

Ross Enamait reflected on a friend and former boxer in his late 40s.  Ross’ friend had stayed in excellent shape with a basic routine. The last time Ross had contacted him, the routine consisted of a strength workout on day one, hill running and calisthenics on day two, and a boxing workout on day three. The routine was repeated twice each week.  The former boxer did not have an email or social media thus Ross, regrettably, had lost contact with his friend for a few years until they ran into each other at a boxing event in 2015.

How do you keep your exercise simple?
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Now in his 50s, Ross’ friend was still in great shape. Ross asked him about his training routine and he nonchalantly replied, “Same sh*t, different day.”  He said he no longer had access to free weights but had been working with a weighted vest which he wears for pull-ups, pushups, dips, squats, and lunges.  His strength workout consists of a few sets wearing the vest and then a few sets without it.  Averaging two weighted vest workouts each week in his basement, Ross’ friend had also maintained his running but has shifted toward trail running with a few sets of calisthenics before or after. And he still did his same boxing workout once or twice a week. – adapted from Ross Training

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