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State Of The Hobby

Updated 2/25/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  State Of The Hobby and State Of Travel Hacking

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  2. One Mile At A Time: The State Of The Miles & Points Industry
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State Of The Hobby

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Brian Kelly is often asked how he became known as The Points Guy (TPG).  Brian’s fascination with travel loyalty programs began informally in 2004-2005 when he was the Student Body President at the University of Pittsburgh.  Because he was flying so often, he achieved U.S. Airways Gold status.  As part of the process of obtaining elite status, he discovered a website called FlyerTalk in 2004 and immersed himself in learning the ins and outs of the points and miles hobby.  In 2007, Brian got a job on Wall St. and continued his jet setting.  Even when the Great Recession hit in 2008, Brian was earning tons of miles at a time when his salary was stagnant.

In 2010, Brian was a 20-something-year-old in Manhattan trying to get by so he started a website called as a way to make extra money. Brian made money by booking award tickets for other people.  In June 2010, he started blogging about his hobby, and by April 2011, Brian’s website was feature in the New York Times.  Shortly thereafter, Brian was approached by advertisers who wanted to pay Brian to be promoted on his website.  Finally, in 2011, Brian left his job to pursue writing on TPG as full-time blogger.

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Over the past five years, traffic growth at has increased exponentially. In December 2010, 9,887 unique people visited the website.  By the following year the number had grown to 165,272 in December 2011 and continued its exponential growth up to 2,516,447 unique visitors in December 2015. - Adapted from The Points Guy

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Even in an age of social media, the ‘silent majority’ that belongs to these programs remains generally content.
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