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Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Succeess and Acheivment

  1. Mr Money Mustache: Success Even After Self-Destruction
  2. Eventual Hal Elrod Level 10 Success - Video @ 2:27
  3. Mr Money Mustache: Make It Big

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Photo Credit: Forbes & License

Photo Credit: Forbes & License

There was a man that wanted to be rich so he went to a guru. The man told the guru ‘I wanna be rich and successful.”  The guru replied, “I will meet you tomorrow morning at the beach.“

The man arrived at 4 a.m. wearing a suit and found the guru waiting. The guru asked, “how bad do you want to be successful?” The man instinctively replied, “real bad.”  The guru said, “walk out into the water.”  The man waded into the water, waist deep.  The waves lapped against his suit and the man thought, “this guru’s crazy; I wanna make money, not go swimming.”

The guru walked passed him and said, “come on out further.”  The man walked to where water splashed his neck, again thinking, “he’s making money, but he’s crazy.”  The guru past him again; coaxing, “come out further.”  The man became filled with doubt.  Sensing the man’s change of heart, the guru asked, “do you want to be successful?”  The man instinctively retorted flatly, “yes.”  The guru coaxed, “then walk a little further.”

When the water level was over the man’s head, the guru put both hands out and submerged the man.  Panicking, the man fought against the guru.  But the guru’s grip was too strong and the man was unable to resurface.  Just before the man was about to pass out, the guru raised him up.  As the man gasped for air the guru revealed, “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.” (adapted from Eric Thomas)

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