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The Meaning Of Life

Updated 2/25/17

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  The Meaning Of Life and Purpose

  1. The Simple Dollar: The Meaning Of It All
  2. Business Insider: Dalai Lama Told Me The Meaning Of Life
  3. Dilbert Blog: The Meaning Of Meaning

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The Meaning Of Life

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

“To put the question in general terms would be comparable to the question posed to a chess champion: ‘Tell me, Master, what is the best move in the world?’ There simply is no such thing as the best or even a good move apart from a particular situation in a game and the particular personality of one's opponent. The same holds for human existence. One should not search for an abstract meaning of life. Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life to carry out a concrete assignment which demands fulfilment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated. Thus, everyone's task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.” Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

How would you define the meaning of life?
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The meaning of life is to find purpose.  If we are going to struggle along the journey of life no matter what (there really isn’t much else going on); once we accept this, we can begin to wrestle with the questions and set goals to facilitate small steps towards Reminiscinable Share Experiences (RSEs) that are worth it to us.  How? Where does the courage and hope to do this come from? – The Piece You Leave Behind (TPYLB).  If you have found the rhythm of life and are living in the flow, then you will leave a resonance that others will pick up on.  The lasting impact that you have on others, you may never know.

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The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The work of life is to develop it.  The purpose of life is to give it away.
David Viscott

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