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The Subjectivity Of What Is Good In Life

Updated 2/25/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Subjectivity and What Is Good

  1. Start With Why: Story of 5 Blind Men
  2. The Simple Dollar: Mexican Fisherman Reflections
  3. Start With Why: No Such Thing Good vs. Bad

+ Discover What The Geeks Know That You May Not

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The Subjectivity Of What Is Good In Life

'How long will all this take?' the fisherman asked.

'Twenty-five, maybe thirty years,' the banker explained.

'But what will I do then?' the fisherman asked.

The American’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. 'That’s the best part,” he said.  “When the time is just right, you can go down to Wall Street, list your business as a public company, offer an IPO, and make millions and millions of dollars.'

'Millions?' the fisherman asked.

'More money than you ever dreamed you could earn in ten lifetimes,' the American explained.

'But what then?' the fisherman asked." - Matthew Kelly, Off Balance

The parable of the Mexican fisherman invokes the age-old question “but what then?”  In college, I had a friend with whom I would passionately discuss theories surrounding “contentment” during many care-free, cafeteria conversations.  I held that reaching a point of contentment in life, beyond wants, was a worthy pursuit.  My friend countered that contentment led to stagnation and missed opportunity.  By the end of college, we both had learned a great deal about a different lens through which to see the world.  Or, at the very least, we both had our first introduction to the complex, sliding scale of the “subjectivity of what is good in life.”

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