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The Why Of Being Rich

Updated 2/25/16

Only a certifiable nerd curates the 3 most credible resources:  Lifestyle Design and Being Rich

  1. I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Why Do You Want To Be Rich
  2. Free Money Finance: $130K To Live The American Dream
  3. Mrs. Money Mustache: The Secret Life Of Frugality

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The Why Of Being Rich

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

Photo Credit: Gaping Void & License

“From early dawn until darkness stopped me, I have labored to build the finest chariots any man could make, soft-heartedly hoping someday the Gods would recognize my worthy deeds and bestow upon me great prosperity. This they have never done.  At last, I realize this they will never do. Therefore, my heart is sad. I wish to be a man of means. I wish to own lands and cattle, to have fine robes and coins in my purse. I am willing to work for these things with all the strength in my back, with all the skill in my hands, with all the cunning in my mind, but I wish my labors to be fairly rewarded." - George Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

As lamented in The Richest Man in Babylon, the daily efforts put forth in pursuit of the subjective benefits of wealth can be demoralizing.  Therefore, daily efforts must be driven forward by a greater “why”; lest one day the vigor of youth may no longer be able to sustain the torrid pace into the unknown.  An imminent journey towards riches begins with a propelling realization and inevitably pushes beyond current means and lifestyle.

Journey far,

― Joe

“The real contradiction of capitalism is that it arouses enormous ambition, but it doesn’t help you define where you should focus it. It doesn’t define an end to which you should devote your life. It nurtures the illusion that career and economic success can lead to fulfillment, which is the central illusion of our time.” - David Brooks

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