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So It Begins

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Last night I finally realized that after all the chasing knowledge for the past year and traveling the year before that I had lost touch with the rhythm of life on the path to personal development.  An area where I had excelled for the first 25 year of my life had suffered 2 years of neglect.  I had made 2 years of mediocre choices.  I had forgotten how to pick my priorities. I weigh in at 185 pounds and have developed the type of stomach I always feared as a kid.

Today is the first day of forming new habitsStarting something new is a slow process. I had so many reasons not to follow through.  I had woken up late, I had to poop, it was raining outside in Seattle, and I had just showered yesterday.  After a mental tug of war, I put on my running shoes and headed out the door for what I thought would be a quick 10 minute run.  I struggled up a hill.  My lungs burned.  A few block down I turned left to run back parallel to the street I had started on.  Not being familiar with the neighborhood, I ended up at a dead end.  My lungs burned.  It was raining.  My shoes squished.  I was spitting constantly.  Sweat ran in my eyes.  I resolved to retrace my steps back one block cut over back onto the parallel street that I had come.  I stretched my legs on the downhill reminding myself of my love for running and endorphins.  That did not stop the burning lungs.  Back at the house 15 minutes later I did 25 jumping jacks.  I wheezed through every one.  Then I stretched and did 7 pushups before my mind said enough.  I looked for a way to do something else upper body like pull ups but didn’t have one.  That is enough for today.  I will follow up again tomorrow.

Journey far,

― Joe

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