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Month 1, Day 10

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today was slow getting out of bed, again, because my muscles were tight and the covers wrapped me in warmth.  Finally the realization that I was not allowed to work on my laptop until after I completed my workout got me out of bed.  I got my running shoes on, headed out the door, and, again, made the conscious choice to do a warm up routine.  30 jumping jacks and 2 minutes of stretching focusing on my hamstrings and groin which were both tight.

Again it was a cool day in Seattle and the morning dew brought the temperature down perfect running.  The sun was also rising and filled the sky with color.  I began running up the hill towards the West Seattle Stadium.  Traffic wasn’t as overwhelming this morning on the street, but as I ran up the hill I ran past a lady on the sidewalk who had just released a huge puff of smoke from a cigarette.  That was less than inspiring to run through.  When I arrived at the West Seattle stadium, I entered the open fence gate and ran once around the track admiring the flatness of the quarter mile.  Then I started my run back to the apartment.  There was a hill to run up just outside the stadium gate as I ran it, I was visited by an old friend—a state of work out “meditation”.  It had been years since I had enjoyed the feeling and, sadly, it did not last long.  By the top of the hill my pace had slowed and my legs burned. 

Back at the apartment after running just over a mile, I stretch for 5 minutes outside.  The cool morning air allowed me to see both my breath as well as steam coming off my body.  I entered the apartment to continue my new routine.  I kept my shoes and shirt on since I was, again, out on a balcony.  Since I had done upper body yesterday, today was lower body.  I alternated between activities and stretching.  12 squats, stretch. 22 lunges (11 each leg), stretch. 22 “breaths” of planking, stretch.  Reward time = breakfast & laptop.

Journey far,

― Joe

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