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Month 1, Day 12

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today was a third test of my new routine.  I had committed to go running with Lisa in the morning.  I knew that Lisa preferred to run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  While I have the ability to do this, it was the day after going hiking and I was worried that if it was too long of a run, I would come up with the excuse that I needed a recovery day and end up not running at all out of fear.  Because I am still building habits, I knew that getting out and getting the blood pumping through my sore and exhausted muscles would be a positive move.  So began the tricky part; how to explain to Lisa what I was up for and what I wasn’t up for.  I framed it like this, “I was really thinking we could run in the 20 minutes range so we can be right around a 5k (~3 miles).  That will be enough to get the blood moving, but not too much following yesterday’s hike.”  For whatever reason, Lisa was receptive to this.  To my surprise no further explanation was needed.  It would be more than the mile that I would prefer, but still manageable.

While I waited for Lisa to get on her running shoes, I snuck in a warm up routine.  15 jumping jacks and 2 minutes of stretching focusing on my sore legs from hiking yesterday.  Off we went for 22 minute long route through misty Seattle.  The town was sleepy on a Sunday morning and traffic was near none-existent.

After the run and back at the apartment, I stretch briefly outside which included my body sweating profusely, and 2 & 1/5 pull ups as well as 0.5 chin up on a 8 foot high metal parking structure fence.  Since I had done lower body on Friday, today was upper body.  Up in the apartment I alternated between activities and stretching. 12 pushups, stretch.  22 dumbbell rows (11 each arm) using a full backpack as weight, stretch.  I finished with another 15 jumping jacks so that I could say that I did 30.  Reward time = breakfast.

Journey far,

― Joe

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