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Month 1, Day 13

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today was a fourth test of my new routine.  I had committed to go biking with my friend Todd in the morning.  I knew that Todd preferred to go biking for about an hour because that is how long it takes to get done with what feels like a workout on a bike.  Because I am still building habits, I knew that getting out and getting the blood pumping through the lingering soreness of my muscles would be a positive move although I admitted that would be a missed day of my new routine.  Ah, priorities.  The bike ride would not be the same as the mile run that I would have prefered, but it would still count in general.

When I walked out to the garage where my bike was stored it was dark and rainy in the Seattle area.  I affixed a front and rear bike light to my bike and pumped my tires up.  Then Todd and I were off into the rain.  After riding along a busy street with early morning traffic of hoards of people zipping off to Monday morning work, we turned left and jumped on a bike path.  We followed the bike path as it wound through neighborhoods.  The rain continued to fall, Todd and I chatted, and my back tire sprayed water and dirt onto my back.  When we completed our route we had ridden for just about an hour and just under 11 miles.  My legs felt stretched and warm, although at no point during the ride did I feel tired or winded.  Back at the house I stashed my bike back in the garage, out of the rain, and it was reward time—hot shower and breakfast.  I choose to forego any formal stretching because I forgot.

Journey far,

― Joe

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