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Month 1, Day 17

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today is beginning to prove that my life is just a constant attack on my new routine.  I had committed to go biking with my Aunt.  Because I knew that my Aunt would prefer to go biking for about an hour I chose to forego the morning ritual.  While the bike ride would not be the same as the mile run, it would still count in general.

When I walked outside next to the garage where my bike was stored it a beautiful and sunny autumn day in Montana.  Although it was brisk, even in the afternoon, my aunt and I rode out from the house and up the Rattlesnake valley.  We followed roads as they wound through neighborhoods.  We chatted, while climbing hills.  We changed directions 3 times to access distant points on roads that went until they ended.  When we completed our route we had ridden for just about an hour and just over 18 miles.  My legs felt stretched and warm and back at the house I stashed my bike next to the garage and did a bit of informal stretching.

Journey far,

― Joe

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