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Month 1, Day 19

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

I am beginning to think that all these “interruptions” to my new routine are actually perfect because they add a bit of variety.  Which I am going to be bold enough to say that the variety may help to skirt around the dreaded plateau for a while.  Similar to last week, I had committed to go running with Lisa in the morning.  This meant that I was going to run for a longer time than the mile that I would usually go because I knew that Lisa preferred to run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  As I waited for Lisa, I did 30 jumping jacks and 2 minutes of stretching.  We then ran out on ~5 mile route that snaked it way through a park on the south hill of Spokane.  For the most part, the run was manageable. Although I went far longer than usual, I did find that I was quiet on the uphill’s as I managed my breathing.  I also found that I should have worn a different kind of underwear.  The cotton ones that I had on become bunches and caused chaffing in my groin which made the last mile back to the apartment a bit uncomfortable.  Note to self, when running longer than ~1 mile, sliding shorts are recommended.

Back at the apartments, I stretch for 5 minutes and continued my new routine.  I have more or less abandoned taking off my shirt, socks and shoes when I return, and I don’t know why… probably because I am doing the set outside where it is cooler now that it is fall.  Since I had done upper body 2 days ago, today was lower body.  I alternated between activities and stretching.  I continued with my 4th day where I took on multiple “sets” of each movement.  2 sets of 8 squats, then stretch. 2 sets of 7 lunges (7 each leg), then stretch. 2 sets of 12 “breaths” of planking, stretch.  Reward time = breakfast of oatmeal and a shower.

Journey far,

― Joe

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