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Month 1, Day 21

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Another day another “interruption.” So I think that it turns out that my new routine  is solidifying and I am getting stronger and more fit.  I had once again committed to go running with Lisa in the morning is becoming a sort of like finding a workout sidekick.  This meant that I was going to run for a longer time than the mile (again).  As I waited for Lisa I noticed that I would have usually been out running by now, but it gave me time to do 30 jumping jacks and 5 minutes of stretching as part of the warm up routine that I have been neglecting in recent days.  We then ran out on ~3 mile route that snaked it way through a park on the park in south hill of Spokane.  It was the temperature on the fall day in Spokane was cool.  But running was invigorating.  The only thing sore was my triceps from pull up yesterday. The other comment was that near the end of the run I again found that I should have worn a different kind of underwear.  The cotton ones that I had on become bunches and caused chaffing in my groin which made the last mile back to the apartment a bit uncomfortable.  I had thought about wearing sliding shorts today but had elected to pass.  When will I learn?

Back at the apartments, I stretch for 5 minutes and continued my routine.  Being outside in the cool fall air really helped with cooling myself down.  My head was drenched in sweat upon the return and taking the time to do the exercise was essential.  Since I had done upper body yesterday, today was lower body.  I alternated between activities and stretching.  I continued with my 6th day where I took on multiple “sets” of each movement.  2 sets of 8 squats, then stretch. 2 sets of 16 lunges (8 each leg, 32 total), then stretch. 2 sets of 13 “breaths” of planking, stretch.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

When starting something new, I want to really start small with this.  I have a background in Buddhist meditation from when I spent a couple weeks living at a Buddhist monastery in northern Thailand.  So I picked up the pieces of that practice. 3 minutes of walking meditation (or one 8 foot section) where all I could think about was how badly I needed to poop.  And 3 minutes of sitting meditation where I went through two "rounds" of "mental touching points."  It was nice to step back into the classroom of silence.

Reward time = breakfast of yogurt and work on my laptop using my fitdesk today (16 miles, Odometer = 32 miles).

Journey far,

― Joe

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