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Month 1, Day 23

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

The [positive] distractions on my routine just keep appearing.  I had committed to go running with group of friends at a local pub-run event in Spokane called "Flying Irish".  Because I knew that the event would be about a 5k (~3 miles) I chose to forego the morning ritual.  While the run would not be the same as the mile run and body weight work out I have been preferring in recent weeks, I am coming to terms with these "distraction days".  I view them as a minor type of "day off."

We ran.  It is Halloween this weekend so many people completed the run in Halloween costumes.  Admittedly the 1.4 mile loop to the Amtrak station was less than inspiring (although it would have counted for my single-mile-a-day commitment).  Back at the pub, my friends and I decided to tack on another 2.6 miles with a run along the Spokane River.   When we completed our route we had run 3.6 miles.  My legs felt stretched and warm so I did a bit of informal stretching.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

I quickly scanned the Faith ND daily passage

I am feeling good about my commitment to starting small with my new meditation practice.  I did 3 minutes of walking meditation (or one 8 foot section) however, I spend the first few steps distracted by my decision to wear pants and no shoes.  I could sense my mind trying to wander so I had to consciously choose to focus on the movement of my feet.  Next I did 3 minutes of sitting meditation where I went through one "round" of "mental touching points."  I could feel the overwhelming anxiety of all the work that I wanted to accomplish today looming so I focused on breathing and trying to let that go.

Reward time = breakfast of yogurt and work on my laptop using my fitdesk today (15 miles, Odometer = 61 miles).

Journey far,

― Joe

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