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Month 1, Day 24

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today I woke rested and ready to go.  No alarm clock, nothing.  I was just excited to start the day.  Seemingly I was drawn to put on running clothes (including “sliding shorts” for underwear) and then followed usual stimulus of putting on my running shoes by heading straight outside.  It was a cold and rainy morning in Spokane.  The sun was still not up and the rain was coming down constantly, not pouring but big consistent drops nonetheless.  Admittedly, I was so excited to run that I completely forgot to do any sort of warm up routine.  My morning run was one of the first I have done that had no hills involved.  I ran through downtown and then along the river.  As I jogged, I couldn’t help but revel in the fact that it seems that running has begun to take on momentum of its own in my life.  The rain fell, occasionally a cold wind blew and my shoes began to squish as they splashed through puddles I could not see.  At the end of my route I arrived back at the apartment for well over a mile of distance.

Back at the apartment, I stretch for 2 minutes and continued my routine.  It feels really good to have eliminated the word “new” in front of routine.  Since I had done upper body 2 days ago, today was lower body.  It was still raining outside but I stood in the overhang of the doorway and I alternated between activities and stretching.  I did 2 “sets” of each movement.  2 sets of 9 squats (18 total), then stretch. 2 sets of 8 lunges (8 each leg, 32 total), then stretch. 2 sets of 13 “breaths” of planking, stretch.  Twice in the doorway of the building I had to step aside for people entering or leaving.  While I felt a little self-aware, the moment passed and I will probably never see those people again anyways.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

I quickly scanned the Faith ND daily passage

Today I continued my new meditation practice with 3 minutes of walking meditation (or one and a half 8 foot section).  I was able to focus on intentionally beginning my walk by repeating three times “intending to walk, intending to walk, intending to walk” silently in my head before I began in each direction.  This practice centered me into the present moment.  Then I consciously choose to focus on the movement of my feet.  Next I did 3 minutes of sitting meditation where I should have gone through at least one "round" of "mental touching points."  The problem is that I got caught on a tangent of mentally strategizing how to categorize and tag blog post for my website.  By the time I realized and brought my mental focus back, my 3 minutes had transpired.  I will have another chance at this tomorrow.

Reward time = doing laundry while eating breakfast of oatmeal.  Also, working on my laptop using my fitdesk today (9 miles, Odometer = 70 miles).

Journey far,

― Joe

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