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Month 1, Day 25

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today I woke up, went back to sleep.  Woke up, went back to sleep.  Woke up.  It is a good thing it is Saturday, whew.  Interestingly all I had time for was a 15 minute run, at most.  So I set to work quickly putting on my running shorts and running shoes (my stimulus) and was outside a quick minute later.  It was a rainy morning in Spokane, big consistent drops.  Because I was so short on time, I chose to skip any warm up routine.  My morning run was another with no hills involved.  I ran a quick loop through the Riverpoint campus.  As I jogged, the rain fell, and my shoes began to squish.  But I had one thing on my mind, find a pull up bar.  I saw some metal railings 3 feet over my head on the Riverpoint college campus, I tried them like back at the stadium in West Seattle… they did not work because of the concrete retaining wall underneath that took away my leverage.  I continued running through the campus, not seeing anything useful.  The bus stop covering? Nope.  Trees with useful branches? Nope.  My short run was running out.  Finally, I saw a concrete overhang over one of the first floor windows on a building.  I did 3 pull ups using the overhang but it was not going to work for chin ups.  I ran a bit further and finally found a tree with a branch that would work.  I did 1 & 4/5 chin up.  And a set of 9 pushups.  At the end of my route I arrived back at the apartment after running just over a mile.

I stretched for 2 minutes and continued my routine.  Because it was still raining outside, I stepped into the building and alternated between activities and stretching.  30 jumping jacks, stretch.  Another set of 9 pushups (18 total), stretch.   2 sets of 18 dumbbell rows (9 each arm, 32 total) using a full backpack as weight, stretch.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

No Faith ND daily passage today, it is Saturday

Today I continued my new meditation practice with 3 minutes of walking meditation (two, 8 foot sections).  Today I focused on each movement of my feet: heal-up, lift-ing, move-ing, lower-ing, touch-ing, push-ing.  This practice centered me into the present moment.  Next I did 3 minutes of sitting meditation where one "round" of "mental touching points" but was more or less distracted.  It really made me realize how little amount of time 6 minutes of the day is.

Reward time = Shower time [Interestingly enough when I was showering today, I found myself notice a positive change in my belly, 25 days into my routine.  Nowhere near perfect, but it caught my eye.  To be continued…], I have found my hygiene is improving in my life with my current lifestyle.  Eating breakfast of pesto, Italian cheese, scrambled eggs on a tortilla.  And working on my laptop using my fitdesk today (17 miles, Odometer = 87 miles).

Journey far,

― Joe

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