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Month 1, Day 4

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today was less difficult to wake up (although I still did it slowly), because it was the first Saturday of my new routine.  I got my running shoes on, and totally forgot about a warm up routine.  I was out the door and headed towards the big hill.  Up the hill I ran.  The day in Seattle was slightly overcast, but a couple blue splotches showed signs of it being a nice day.  I as near the top of the hill and eventually made it, my hamstrings were the most sore muscle of note.  Iran all the way to the turnaround intersection and flipped back towards the house.  I was on my way back when I noticed that spitting was not on my “to-do” list today.  Sweet miracles!  I was nearing the hill that descends back to the house when, like clock work, my body decided to gift me with an ache in my left side.  It wasn’t horrible, but it did provide discomfort all the way down the hill, back to the house.  All in all, just over a mile.

Back at the house, I did 2 minutes of stretching outside as the sweat on my forehead multiplied.  Then inside the house I ditched my shoes, socks and shirt.  My thought here is that seeing most of my body will serve as good reminder what I am up against.  No hiding my stomach behind a shirt.  I did the 25 jumping jacks that I had forgotten in my warm up and the side ache returned ever so slightly.  I pushed passed it.  Since I had done upper body yesterday, today was lower body.  I alternated between activities and stretching.  10 squats, stretch. 20 lunges (10 each leg), stretch.  It was right here that I realized I want a routine with 3 exercises each day to keep it concise but be effective with my time.  So I did 20 “breaths” of planking, figuring I could steal that one from the upper body routine.  I stretched a bit more and was done all in about 20 minutes.  Reward time = breakfast.

Journey far,

― Joe

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