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Month 1, Day 5

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Waking up this morning was easier but I still laid in bed for an extra 10 minutes justifying that I was “stretching” my body.  Finally up and at ‘em, I continued my new routine on the first Sunday of the first week.  With running shoes on, I choose to forego a warm up routine justifying that a one mile run counted.  The same hill outside the house was the beginning.  My legs kicked into running motion but 20 yards up the hill, my right knee there was some tension going up the hill while my body was warming.  By the top of the hill it had faded to no longer noticeable.  On my outbound, an old hint of burning lungs surfaced, but it too had faded by the time the turnaround intersection.  I began the jog back and now I was visited by a third “old friend” when my mouth began to fill with saliva.  I quickly quelled the saliva with a bit of mind over body thinking.  Onward I ran and when I reached the downhill, I strided out.  This was the first time I had felt too things: 1) the run had gone really fast 2) as I descended the hill I felt fast.

Back at the house, I did 2 minutes of stretching outside where I noticed the cool, dewy Seattle morning allowed me to see my breath.  I wandered inside the house I ditched my shoes, socks and shirt sticking with the notion that seeing my body will serve as good reminder of my journey.  No hiding my stomach behind a shirt.  I did the 30 jumping jacks that I had foregone before the run and my lungs felt heavy as they transitioned from cool outdoor air to warm indoor air.  Since I had done lower body yesterday, today was upper body.  I alternated between activities and stretching. 10 pushups, stretch.  20 dumbbell rows (10 each arm) using a full backpack as weight, stretch.  I again used a pull up bar in my friend house did 1 & 4/5 pull ups and 0.5 chin up.  Reward time = breakfast.

Journey far,

― Joe

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