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Month 12, Day 348

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Exercise: I continued with my fitness epic by waking up after an excellent night's sleep.  I was sore in my legs after my mellow workout yesterday as well as my right sholder from painting yesterday.  I like being a morning person and I got up and put on running shorts and shoes.  I did a warm up routine of 25 jumping jacks and some stretching before I took off running in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The morning was a bit warmer than it has been in recent summer mornings. I ran my usual route along the busy road which was busy but thined as I got closer to the park.  When I arrived at Rocket Park, I use my favorite metal bar on the play structure to do 7 pull ups, and 7 chin ups before continuing the run.  As I ran back on the mellow street that had about a half dozen cars pass me (but no pickup trucks!), I thought about how my good form had helped with the pull-ups and chin-ups.  At the end of the route, I was able to again pass the one mile challenge (2.0 miles, Odometer = --.- miles).  It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, physically.

Fitness: Back at the start, I stretched for a few minutes and I continued my routine.  I did 3 sets of 20 dumbbell rows (10 each arm, 60 total) using a bocce ball set as weight, stretch.  I also did 3 sets of 10 push-ups (10 total).  It is fun to be able to add an extra rep to everything today as I am getting stronger.  I continue to enjoy my commitment to not using gym machines because I don't need a gym.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

Spiritual Reading: Faith ND

Meditation: I set my alarm for 2 minutes walking meditation and 2 minutes sitting meditation as part of my meditation practice using my stress eraser.  During the 2 minutes walking meditation (one, 6 foot section) the sensor tracked well as I focused on each motion and I scored 10 points.  During the sitting meditation, I breathed deeply and the sensor again tracked well.  At the end, it read 20, 10 more for sitting (Point Count = -,---).  It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, spiritually although I do note the paradox of public spirituality.


Reward time = breakfast of cereal and an afternoon of painting the fence.

― Joe

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