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Month 2, Day 29

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today I woke up very early in order to go running with some friends.  Because I had gone to bed early, the alarm clock went off and I felt well rested.  I put on my running shorts, running shoes (my stimulus), arm warmers and gloves.  I did a warm up routine of a couple minutes of stretching while waiting for the other 2.  It was still dark outside and the morning temperature was at the freezing point.  I could tell by the frost on all the cars.  The run was through the neighborhoods.  As I ran, I chatted with my two friends. My body fought against the early morning chill by warming and even beginning to sweat.  Because I was running with friends in the dark on a new route, I did not know exactly the turns we made.  I also did not have time or the ability to seek out a pull up bar, so I let that one slide for today.  At the end of my route, we arrived back at the house totaling well over 5 miles of running.  While it was not the one mile I have made my minimum, it was a nice switch up and to be able to be out with friends.

Back at the apartment, I stretch for 2 minutes and continued my routine.  I did 2 sets of 10 pushups (20 total), stretch.   2 sets of 18 dumbbell rows (9 each arm, 36 total) using a full backpack as weight, stretch.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

I quickly read the Faith ND daily passage out loud to myself

I set my alarm for 4 minutes of walking mediation and 4 minutes of sitting meditation as I continued my new meditation practice. The 4 minutes of walking meditation (three, 8 foot sections) was interesting for a couple reasons.  First, my legs were slightly weak from running making each “move-ing” motion accent the soreness in my hamstrings.  Second, I could feel myself clenching my teeth from stress with how much work I wanted to accomplish today (despite knowing that there was way too much on my to-do list to do it all).  The breathing helped me relax my teeth.  After walking meditation, I did 4 minutes of sitting meditation.  To be honest the "rounds" of "mental touching points" were a background event.  My mind continually attempted to wander off to task I wanted to do before I would reel it back in.

Reward time = breakfast of oatmeal and a day of working on my laptop using my fitdesk (22 miles, Odometer = 154 miles).  Wouldn’t it be cool if I could “bike across the country” on my fitdesk while working this year?  3600 miles is like 10 miles a day…..

Journey far,

― Joe

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