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Month 2, Day 30

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today I woke up very early in order to go running with some friends.  Because I had gone to bed early, the alarm clock went off and I felt well rested for the second day in a row.  I put on my running shorts, running shoes (my stimulus), arm warmers and gloves.  I did a warm up routine of 35 jumping jacks and a 5 minutes of stretching while waiting for the other 2.  It was still dark outside and the morning temperature was slightly warmer than yesterday which meant no frost on the car windshields, but still right around the freezing point.  The run was through the neighborhoods on the south hill of Spokane.  As I ran, I chatted with my two friends. In the early going a constant north bound wind blew in our faces chilling my ears.  But the chill did not last long as my body warmed.  Again, running with friends in the dark on a new route, I did not know where we were going but today I paid attention to the road signs as we ran.  At the end of my route, we arrived back at the house totaling 4 miles of running.  While it was not the one mile I have made my minimum, it was to push myself a bit outside my comfort zone knowing that tomorrow I ramp back down to “normal.”  Besides, the old saying goes, “your comfort zone is a great place to visit but nothing grows there.”

Back at the apartment, I stretch for 2 minutes and continued my routine.  Yesterday was an upper body day so today was a lower body day.  I did 2 “sets” of each movement.  2 sets of 11 squats (22 total), then stretch. 2 sets of 18 lunges (9 each leg, 36 total), then stretch. 2 sets of 15 “breaths” of planking, stretch.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

I read the Faith ND daily passage out loud to myself.

I continued my new meditation practice with 4 minutes of walking meditation (three, 8 foot sections). I was able to focus on my breathing and foot movements and being with God.  Next, I did 4 minutes of sitting meditation  where I basically ignored doing any "rounds" of "mental touching points." [Oooops]  Instead I found myself fixated on Michael Hyatt’s ranking of what is important in life.  When I realized that my mind had wandered, I spent the remainder of time following my deep breathing and sitting in the presence of God with no “agenda.”  No prayers.  Just sitting in his presence.

Reward time = breakfast of yoghurt and granola and working on my laptop using my fitdesk today (16 miles, Odometer = 170 miles).

Journey far,

― Joe

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