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Month 2, Day 31

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today I woke up later in the morning than usual and I felt well rested.  I put on my running shorts, running shoes (my stimulus), and arm warmers. NO gloves needed since the sun was already up.  I did a warm up routine of 35 jumping jacks and a couple minutes of stretching.  Then it was out the door into the cool morning air of Spokane.  The run through the neighborhoods was a simple out and back.  On my outbound I was shocked when I found a perfect pull up bar as the branch of a tree within one block of where I started.  I made a mental note to use it on the way back.  When I got back to the tree, I did 3 and 2/3 pull ups and 2 and 1/2 chin ups.  I also did 2 sets of 10 pushups.  I got an encouraging honk from a passing van while I was on a street corner doing pushups, so that was affirming.  At the end of my route, I arrived back at the house totaling about 1.6 miles, what I am starting to consider the “sweet spot.”  Short enough to always fit it in, long enough to break a real sweat.  Not as little as one mile not as much as 5.

Back at the apartment, I stretched for 2 minutes and continued my routine.  I did 2 sets of 18 dumbbell rows (9 each arm, 36 total) using a full backpack as weight, stretch.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

I set my alarm for 4 minutes of walking mediation and 4 minutes of sitting meditation as I continued my new meditation practice. The 4 minutes of walking meditation (three, 8 foot sections) was interesting for a couple reasons.  First, my legs again were slightly weak from running making each “move-ing” motion a shaky one.  Second, I was able to focus very well on each motion: heal-up, lift-ing, move-ing, lower-ing, touch-ing, press-ing.  After walking meditation, I did 4 minutes of sitting meditation.  I was able to focus "rounds" of "mental touching points" today and leveraged that into “sitting with God.”  No agenda just being present.  While I was not “rewarded” with any “warm fuzzies,” I found the moments to be calming.

I quickly read the Faith ND daily passage out loud to myself

Reward time = breakfast of oatmeal and a day of working on my laptop using my fitdesk (16 miles, Odometer = 186 miles). 

Journey far,

― Joe

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