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Month 2, Day 35

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Today I woke up and I felt well rested following a night of high quality sleep, although I deprived myself of a couple hours by staying up too late.  I continue to become a morning person as I noticed by my enthusiasm to put on my running shorts, running shoes (my stimulus), and arm warmers and set off.  I almost forgot to do a warm up routine of 35 jumping jacks and a couple minutes of stretching, but remembered at the last second.  Outside, the cool morning air of Spokane in peak autumn allowed me to see my breath down by the river.  The run along the river was flat and peaceful and I only saw a single bicyclist.  On the outbound my hands holding my keys were freezing, but by my return they had warm blood being pumped to them as my forehead had begun to sweat.  At the end of my route, I arrived back at the apartment again passing the one mile challenge (1.3 miles, Odometer = 69.7 miles). It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, physically.

Because I am staying with some different friends, I was able to use an apartment complex community gym room for the last bits of my workout.  I stretched for 2 minutes and continued my routine.  Admittedly the pull up bar was not a ba, but rather, 2 handles hanging from the ceiling.  I did 2 & 3/5 pull ups and 1 & 2/5 chin ups.  I also did 2 sets of 11 pushups (22 total).  I did 2 sets of 22 dumbbell rows (11 each arm, 44 total) using an actual 20 pound dumbbell, then I stretched.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

I quickly read the Faith ND daily passage out loud to myself

I set my alarm for 4 minutes of walking mediation and 4 minutes of sitting meditation as I continued my new meditation practice. I continue to enlist the services of my stress eraser.  I began my 4 minutes of walking meditation (three, 8 foot sections).  During walking meditation, I didn’t look at the stress eraser, but at the end, I scored higher than past days 9 points.  After walking meditation, I did 4 minutes of sitting meditation.  The stress eraser affirmed my focus I was able to focus "rounds" of "mental touching points" while inhaling and exhaling consistently.  At the end of the 4 minutes, I had 18 more points for a total of 27 (Point Count = 77).  It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, spiritually.

Reward time = breakfast of oatmeal and a day of working on my laptop using my fitdesk  (21 miles, Odometer = 256).  It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, as a rider.

Journey far,

― Joe

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