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Month 4, Day 102

Daily Priority #1 - Physical Health

Exercise: I continued with my fitness epic this morning waking up way earlier than normal because it is a travel day and I still wanted to fit my whole daily routine in.  I had a great sleep which contributed nicely to me feeling like a morning person.  My shoulders were certainly a bit sore from yesterday's upper body workout.  I did a meditation and then I put on my running shoes (my stimulus), arm warmers, running shorts, earmuffs, gloves, and yaktrax.  I did a warm up routine of 35 jumping jacks and some stretching outside.  I ran a circle around a few city blocks in Billings, MT where a light dusting of snow had fallen during the night and the early morning temperature had fallen back to the usual chilly winter mornings.  On my outbound running gave me confidence against any ice hiding under the dusting of snow.  I ran hard, but as I did, the frigid air stung at my throat a did its best to attempt to collapse my lungs.  I ran through it and my body warmed.  Towards the end of my run there was a slight discomfort in the second most outside toes on my left foot from the toe nail slamming against the front of my shoe.  It was very minor and occurred mostly as I was finishing back at the house I was staying.  When i reached the house door, I felt tired, my nose was running clear, and I was sweating.   At the end of my route, I was able to again pass the one mile challenge (1.1 miles, Odometer = 184.1 miles). It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, physically. 

Fitness: Back at the apartment I am staying in, I stretched for 2 minutes before continuing my routine.  Yesterday was an upper body day so today was a lower body day.  I did 3 “sets” of each movement.  3 sets of 12 squats (33 total), then stretch. 3 sets of 18 lunges (9 each leg, 54 total), then stretch.  3 sets of 21 “breaths” of planking, stretch.  I can do all of this without needing a gym.  An interesting thought I had today is that I'm not sure my declining body weight can give the amount of excercise my strengthening muscles really need.  Could I really need to incorporate additional weight?  For now I will slow down the motion of the movements, which seemed to work nicely, bringing back the burn.

Daily Priority #2 - Spiritual Health

Spiritual Reading: No Faith ND today, it is Saturday.

Meditation: I set my alarm for 4 minutes of walking mediation and 4 minutes of sitting meditation as I continued my meditation practice using my stress eraser.  During the 4 minutes of walking meditation (one, 6 foot sections) the sensor tracked very poorly, my balance was very poor and I scored just 3 points due to the sensor stopping tracking.  The good news is that I visualized my day.  During the 4 minutes of sitting meditation I was focused on breathing and mental touching points and I scored a total point count of 18, 15 more for sitting (Point Count = 1442).  It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, spiritually.

Daily Priority #3 - Intellectual Health

Writing: I continued writing about "beat down by the winds of change" (words written 385, Word Count = 16,135).  It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, as a writer because there is always time to write.

Daily Priority #4 - Emotional Health

Inspiration: The Simple Dollar shares 10 Pieces Of Inspiration (Inspiration Shared = 31). It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, inspirationally.

Contemplation: I reflected on past Reminiscinable Shared Experiences (RSEs) when I wrote 31 BC. It amazes me how far I have come from where I started, in my reflections.

Daily Priority #5 - Professional Health

Side Gig: I continued adding onto my side gig writing about Tom (words written 120, Word Count = 3,559).  It amazes me how far I have come from where I started on my project because never too late to start a business.


Reward time = breakfast of oatmeal.

Journey far,

― Joe

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