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There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.
Charles Dudley Warner
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What would I tell a friend who I hadn't seen in a year who asked, "how's your website?"

The truth is that Intentionality Ink is not a business.  It is a hobby that pays for itself... at least monetarily.  There are many websites that leverage affiliate programs, advertising sales, and e-product distribution to make money.  Intentionality Ink is not one of the internet "cash cows."  Somewhere still in its infancy compared to the rest of the internet, Intentionality Ink has defied my expectations.  Although I understand the concept, I am still left marveling each time I make real money from work on the internet... even if it has been enough to barely recoup the annual expenses of owning a website.

More importantly, Intentionality Ink has provided a structure to:

  1. Make something cool via my Intentionality Ink website
  2. Help others via my Intentionality Ink Blog.
  3. Become a better person via my Psychology Of Development Blog.

This past year I had my first subscriber whom I did not directly make aware of the existence of the website.  I also had several emails from people I did not know and I was invited to a join a travel bloggers' community.  My personal collection of quotes, stories, and links has surpassed 1,300 pages and continues to grow.  I count myself fortunate everyday that I continue to carve out time to build I.I.


Journey far,

― Joe

P.S. If you would like to read last year's update, enjoy.

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For whatever reason the fascinating world-wide-web has directed you here, welcome and thanks for stopping by.  The Intentionality Ink Philosophy is to use curated website links and stories to share high-yield reading opportunities.  This is not a "how to" website.  This is a "teach someone to fish" website.  The three umbrella areas characterizing the organization of the site are lifestyle design, travel tips, and residence resources. Because advice can be valuable but is usually highly subjective, feel free to peruse the lifestyletravel, and residence recommendations pages.

Starting Point(s)

At the top of each page there is a link "Blog."  This is the heart of the website and where you will find the most recent reflections.  For casual browsing, choose one of these jumping off points:

Regardless which browsing methodology you prefer, it all leads to the same great content.


Diving into an article you will notice a colored banner at the top and colored sticky notes at the bottom.  The colors stand for what what category you are exploring:

  • Multi     =  building blocks
  • Purple  =  residence resources
  • Green   =  lifestyle design
  • Orange =  travel tips

The banner at the top of each article will send you "up one level" to a more general topic.  The sticky notes will send you deeper "into the rabbit hole."

As you explore, you may be curious why the site map is password protected, this is a feature unique to Intentionality Ink.  Because the mission of Intentionality Ink is best suited to those who prefer stories in bite-sized chunks, the site map password is only offered to new subscribers.  Hesitant to relinquish your email address?  Rest assured this is not a sinister scam or nefarious ploy.  It is simply the best way to distribute new content.  Please take this moment to SUBSCRIBE NOW.

Whichever manner you prefer for your quest, hope to see you around here more often.

Journey far,

― Joe

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Victor awoke on a morning just like any other.  Victor's day included a long walk and a day of hard work scavenging for food.  Victor exited his room in the ant colony, greeted a couple neighbors, and followed the path to a place he believed would provide the best opportunity to find food.

After walking for an hour, Victor neared the park gazebo.  Victor had always had good luck at the gazebo because he knew people often brought food.  As luck would have it, Victor witnessed a young child drop part of a sandwich.  The piece was large and Victor knew that it would be worth the effort.

When Victor arrived at the place where the sandwich had dropped, he stood over a deep rabbit hole.  If he chose not to follow the rabbit into the hole, his exploration for that day would end and he would return to the ant colony.  If he chose to follow the sandwich, his exploration would continue and he could explore just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Victor was near certain the sandwich would be worth the effort, yet he stood frozen.  Curious visions danced in his head.  What unknown things could be found down the rabbit hole?  The probability of a wasted pursuit was high.  Regardless, Victor resolved to enter the rabbit hole.  Victor knew the journey might change him, and he could redirect his course along the way.

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